Video: Raiders Fan Joins Fight at Training Camp

NFL News: Fan Takes Swing at NFL Player

During training camp it’s not uncommon to see a fight or two break out…but you never expect to see a fan get involved in these types of skirmishes. However, that was exactly what happened as things turned ugly Tuesday during a training cam scrimmage between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys.

The brawl started when Raiders tight end, Mychal Rivera received a huge hit from Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne. Immediately Oakland’s Greg Little came to defend his teammate, and an all-out brawl erupted.

On top of players from each side joining in the brawl, a Raiders fan on the sidelines took a swing at the Cowboys B.W. Webb, with a souvenir helmet. Webb quickly shoved back, ending what could have been a really bad situation.

So far the NFL has yet to comment on this situation, but it may lead to stricter rules for fans who attend training camps.

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