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Verlander Back Tracks On $200-Million Comment

Last week Justin Verlander made some headlines by saying he wanted to become baseball?s first $200 million pitcher and despite the comment coming within the context of a perfectly reasonable quote he apparently got some flak for it.

And so yesterday Verlander clarified things to Jason Beck of MLB.com:

Wouldn?t you like to be the first $200 million writer? When people ask me questions, you guys you know me, I?m honest and I talk about things. The question was posed to me: ?Do you want to be the first $200 million pitcher?? Well, yeah. What kind of question is that? Of course I do. ? I don?t want to be seen as the greedy guy that wants to get paid the best because, whatever. But, like I said, if the question?s posed to me, I?m honest.

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