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Tuck: Quarterback With The Strongest Arm In the NFL


1. Colin Kaepernick

2. Joe Flacco

Ravens_Flacco_2013 [1]

3. Cam Newton

4. Mike Vick

Eagles_Mike_VIck_9 [2]

5. Matt Stafford

6. Jay Cutler

Bears_Jay_Cutlers_2012 [3]

7. Aaron Rodgers


8. Ben Roethlisberger

9. Sam Bradford

10. Mike Glennon

mike_glennon_2013 [4]

11. Ryan Tannehill

Dolphins_Tannehill_2013 [5]

12. Chad Henne


13. Carson Palmer

14. Tom Brady

15. Matt Ryan

16. Jake Locker

17. Andrew Luck

18. Nick Foles

19. Russell Wilson

Seahawks_Russell_Wilson_2013 [6]

20. Robert Griffin III

21. EJ Manuel

22. Drew Brees

23. Tony Romo

24. Philip Rivers

25. Eli Manning

26. Peyton Manning

Broncos_Peyton_Manning_2013 [7]

27. Andy Dalton

28. Geno Smith


29. Alex Smith

30. Christian Ponder


I didn’t bother ranking Oakland, Houston and Cleveland because I have no idea who there starter is, was, or will be.  Mike Vick is included because of where he ranks.

It should be noted that a lot of back-ups fall under the below average category.  Often times, that is the reason they aren’t starters.  The reason some of them play though, is because they have talent.  Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Moore, Shaun Hill, Matt Flynn, and Case Keenum are examples of this.  Matt Schaub is on the low end of average.

On the other hand, Matt Cassel  and Jason Campbell have plus arms.  That keeps them around in the NFL.  Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallett have plus arms as well, but won’t have a chance to show it in their current situations.  The temptation to give guys like this a chance is always present though, because they do stand out against the crowd.

As it concerns this year’s quarterback class, I believe Zach Metenberger has a borderline elite arm and Blake Bortles has a plus arm.  Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater have average arms. Other plus arms in this class include Logan Thomas and Stephen Morris.  AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray have below average arm strength in my opinion.

As it concerns how good a quarterback is or can be, well, you can figure that out pretty easily by the rankings.