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Tuck: NFL Preseason Excitement

Here is what I am most looking forward to, as a NFL fan, as the 2012 preseason opens.

1. Peyton Manning- Aren't we all curious what he'll look like, what he'll throw like, how he'll bounce back up when he is hit and knocked down?

2. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III- I don't think I've been as excited about two rookie quarterbacks in quite some time. ?Both bring something to the table, and I am eager to find out exactly how much.

3. Trent Richardson- What a bummer. ?Wanted to see if he could carry NFL defenders they way he did SEC ones.

4. Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens- What do you guys have left in the tank?

5. AJ Green and Julio Jones- Encore anyone?

6. Adrian Peterson- Crossing fingers he is fine and continues on his HOF path.

7. Brandon Marshall, Brandon Lloyd, and Vincent Jackson- Can you guys be difference-makers with a change of scenary?

8. Tim Tebow- Give me some credit for waiting this long to list him, right? ?I am curious how they'll use him and what the success rate will be like in New York.

9. Matt Forte, Fred Jackson, and Jamal Charles- Just want to make sure you guys are alright before I go investing a high fantasy draft pick in you, okay?

10. All the QB battles- Miami, Seattle, Tennessee...well, that's really it. ?I'd have to be really sick to care about Arizona or maybe Jacksonville when the winner, really isn't much of a winner.

11. What I don't know yet- The undrafted future star, or the rookie who is better than advertised, or the veteran we gave up on too soon.


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