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Tuck: NFL Players Without Jobs

You may have heard of these guys. ?It happens every year in the NFL that players just disappear without even a good-bye, nod, or wink. ?They were headline guys not too long ago, and now they are NFL players without jobs.

Ed Reed-?Future 1st ballot HOF safety was a wreck in Houston and was cut less than a year into a multi-year deal and played out the string with the Jets. ?Will somebody want his leadership in the locker room?

James Harrison-?The 2008 defensive player of the year in the NFL with the Steelers played with the Bengals last year.

Asante Samuel-?Deuce-Deuce was a Pro Bowler as recent as 2010, but is coming off a pair of sub-par seasons with the Falcons who have gotten younger in the secondary.

?Santonio Holmes-?Spread his wings and took off from Pittsburgh after helping the Steelers to a Super Bowl title with a MVP effort for the Jets. ?Had a great season with the Jets followed by three mediocre ones.

Kevin Williams-?The better half the feared Williams-Wall in Minnesota is hoping to get paid, not just to play for peanuts.

Jermichael Finley-?Serious health question mark, he could end his own career and get paid handsomely through insurance.

Josh Freeman-?Talk about spiraling out of control in a hurry, it's doubtful he'll ever play in the NFL again.

Dustin Keller-?Solid player with the Jets that suffered a devastating knee injury in the preseason last year with the Dolphins, perhaps a career-killer.

Jabari Greer-?A nice career, currently recovering from a torn ACL.

Eric Winston-?A veteran tackle might land a job because of an injury in somebody's camp.

Vonta Leach-?A dying breed, the blocking fullback.

Richie Incognito-?You may not have even realized he was missing. ?Seems doubtful a team would welcome in the media distraction now.


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