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Tuck: NFC Dominating AFC

The NFC looked like the better, deeper conference coming into the 2012 season. ?Two weeks in, that is exactly how it has played out. ?The NFC is 7-1 against the AFC to date. ?The lone AFC victory came off Adam Vinatieri's right leg at the gun for Indianapolis in their 23-20 win over Minnesota.

Of the 6 winless teams in the NFL, 5 of them reside in the AFC. ?4 of the 6 unbeaten teams play in the NFC. ?Oddly, New Orleans is the lone winless team in the NFC, and their +/- is -16, is not surprisingly the worst in the conference. ?But what is glaring is that the AFC has SIX?teams with worse +/- to this point. ?Only 5 NFC teams are in the red compared to 8 AFC teams.

Even the much maligned NFC West is off to a 6-2 start (5-1 outside the division) and is the only division featuring two unbeaten teams, San Francisco, and Arizona.

It is a trend expect to stick, although mitigating circumstances can intervene like injuries or even AFC bottom-feeders beating NFC bottom-feeders. ?The AFC's lone victory is just that to date. ?Last season the NFC looked superior, especially at the top, but managed just a 33-31 edge against the AFC. ?I'd expect a more decisive margin this season. ?The NFC is just deeper and more talented, especially at the top.


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