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Tuck: Miami Dolphins - If Not Peyton Manning, Then Who?

As a Dolphins fan, I feel like should be allowed to dream a little. Through the suffering I've earned it. I see the bigger picture. I know some teams, ahem, the Bears, ahem, have never been able to find a "franchise quarterback." At least I had Dan Marino. Of course, that makes it worse to have seen what the best looks like, and then to have to battle through mediocrity and crap for the last dozen years.

So yes, I am hoping and praying Peyton Manning recovers and chooses Miami. I know having him would give the Dolphins a fighting chance at winning a Super Bowl. But if he can't play, and there are many people who suggest that his recovery from his third neck surgery isn't going well, and that he's played his last down, then what do the Dolphins do next?

Choice #2- Robert Griffin III, Baylor- You trade whatever it takes to move up and select him. Enough messing around Miami. Get it done.

Next, here is the list of free agent quarterbacks.

Richard Bartel ARI (R)- Are you high?!?!

Chris RedmanATL- No, seriously, are you high?

Jake Delhomme- HOU- Um, no.

Kyle Orton- KC- I'd say this would be choice #6 with or without the neck beard.

Brady Quinn DEN- At least the Dolphins made the right choice taking the more productive Ted Ginn instead of Quinn on draft day. Of course they also passed on Patrick Willis and Darrelle Revis to do it.

Shaun Hill- DET- No thanks.

Drew Stanton DET- Pass

Matt Flynn GB-I'd say this is choice #3. It'd be great if we played the Lions every week.

Tyler Palko KC (R)- Where do you do your stand-up?

Chad Henne MIA- Been there, done that.

Brian Hoyer NE (R)- A poor man's Matt Cassel. Where do I get in line?

Chase Daniel NO (R)- Keep holding that clipboard for Brees.

Drew Brees NO- Hmmm. Passed on him in the draft andin free agency for Dante Culpepper. Dolphins should wait 5 more years and then sign him when he has nothing left to continue along this logical path.

Sage Rosenfels- NYG- Wait, didn't he play for us? Twice?

Mark Brunell NYJ- He might be broke and need work, but it won't be in Miami unless Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith are coming with him in the DeLorean.

Kevin OConnell NYJ(R)- WHO???

Kyle Boller OAK- I can't stop laughing.

Jason Campbell- OAK- This is choice number five. Stop laughing.

Charlie Batch PIT- He wasn't good when he was good.

Byron Leftwich PIT- Neither was he.

Dennis Dixon PIT- I guess Big Ben will be looking for a back-up, eh?

Charlie Whitehurst SEA- Fact: Seattle actually traded a third round draft pick to San Diego for him. No, seriously. They did.

David Carr SF- He flinches when a door closes.

A.J. Feeley-STL- This stiff played for Miami too.

Josh Johnson TB- I don't know what to say.

Vince Young PHI- Andy Reid couldn't save him, so I know Brandon Marshall won't.

Rex Grossman WAS- OMG, I actually had to think about this. Let's just move along.

David Garrard- FA- Next.

Matt Moore-He gets to be choice #4 by default. This is almost the let's just see what happens for a year, and if things go bad enough maybe we'll draft Matt Barkley next year.

Finally, Brandon Weedenwould be my choice #7. Miami could pick up the Oklahoma State quarterback, who is 28, in the second round and give it a run.

If the Dolphins can't get Peyton Manning, at least I can say I owned him in fantasy. Of course that was this past season. Just my luck.


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