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Tuck: Broncos Wisely Going For It In Free Agency

Denver is coming off back-2-back 13 win seasons that saw them have the best record in the AFC each year. They were upset in the playoffs two years ago and got toasted in the Super Bowl by Seattle this past season. They are close. Soooooo close. What is that noise?

It's the clock ticking.

Peyton Manning is coming off another MVP season, but he'll be 38 on March 24. He's not going to stick around forever. If the Broncos want to win a title, they have to throw caution to the wind. 5 years from now, be damned.

And damn right they're doing the right thing. When you are this close and time isn't on your side, you have to take some educated risks.

I present to you (so far): CB Aqib Talib, DE DeMarcus Ware, and S TJ Ward.

People wondered if Denver was good enough on defense last year. They are addressing the problem. Now.

Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno are free agents who scored double digits touchdowns and each totaled over 1000 yards last year. They are expendable.



They don't need to break records. They need to win games, and playoff games, and the SUPER BOWL. They have other running backs they can play. They'll be fine. They have Thomas, Welker, and Thomas. They can find a cheaper option who will become a fantasy star most likely because he'll have Manning as his quarterback and will be the least of all these evils for defenses. They'll be fine.

They had to get better on defense. And they are. Immediately.

Meanwhile in New England...

I guess they are making sure they'll have money to spend in the Ryan Mallet-era.


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