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Tuck: Best Quarterbacks In The NFL

This isn't projecting. ?This isn't drafting for the future. ?This is starting up a season tomorrow. ?At this moment, how I'd rank the quarterbacks. ?There is certainly some wiggle room. ?The difference between #4 and #10 is greater than that from #10 to #16.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. ?I don't feel like ranking the less than average group. ?Is Ryan Fitzpatrick better than Tim Tebow or Matt Moore or Mark Sanchez? ?I don't really care. ?I don't see any of them winning a Super Bowl next season.

Alex Smith? ?Great season, but helped out by a great coach and defense. ?I can't misremember the first 7 years of his career. ?Toughest omission? ?Josh Freeman. ?The Buc's QB should be on this list. ?But he looked bad, turnover-prone, and checked down far too often last year.

16. Andy Dalton- A second round rookie? ?He showed me enough and with his work ethic he should only improve.

15. Matt Schaub- He should have a great cast around him next year and a chance to prove he's better than around the middle of the pack.

14. Joe Flacco- Proved more in defeat at New England than he did in victory over Houston. ?He's better than most.

13. Mike Vick- The ultimate wild card, but still not sure I can win the big prize with him or keep him healthy, and he isn't getting younger.

12. Matt Ryan- Ice cold. ?Seasons aren't ending well, but I like what I see otherwise. ?He can be the guy, just hasn't yet.

11. Cam Newton- I'll give you this, he might prove he should be higher on the list, I am just not ready to put him higher yet.

10. Jay Cutler- With a better offensive line and a running game he was playing even better, just a shame he got hurt.

9. Philip Rivers- Bad year, but I'd still put him in this spot.

8. Matt Stafford- He's tough and clutch and young, and rising.

7. Tony Romo- Too high you think? ?Who behind him has done more? ?I like him and his intangibles.

6. Ben Roethlisberger- No shame sitting in this spot.

5. Eli Manning- Yes, he's earned this.

4. Drew Brees- Very little not to like.

3. Peyton Manning- Obviously, I am giving him this spot assuming he's healthy for next season.

2. Tom Brady- I know he's still playing. ?He's all-time great, but he's not the best.

1. Aaron Rodgers- He's the best going right now. ?No weaknesses in his game.


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