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Training Camp Notes: Brian Hartline On Wallace

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline spoke to the media Monday afternoon about day two of training camp and the addition of Mike Wallace.

(On how he feels about the wide receiver core) Im excited, but Im probably more excited for camp not really the season, I guess I would say day 1 of camp is the beginning of the new season, but as far as season, season goes Im not even focused on that now. The excitement level is not there yet, I would say that Im more excited to get to camp and be efficient, and be the best I can, when I know that the team is operating at a high level, thats when Ill really be excited.

(On being a leader of the team) Its great, I really enjoy it, I like having the opportunity, having the foundation that Ive kind of tried to build over the last couple years, and even throughout this year. Like you said there are a lot of new guys, a lot of new leaders, a lot of guys at this level are leaders, I guess at some point you need leaders to be leaders of leaders, if that makes any sense. I think at this point, we are kind of developing, were getting our identity down, and really working on a day to day basis.

(On confidence he has on the receiving core) Im really confident, being confident is kind of like your armour in the NFL, if you start doubting yourself, no one else believes in you, you dont believe in yourself, you dont see yourself making plays, its just a steady slope from there. Im very confident in our group, Im confident in myself, Im confident in our quarterback, and Im confident to be ready to play

(On how Ryan Tannehill is different from last year) Hes a better player. I think anytime you are in a system and you work hard day to day, you are going to get better, at least you should, being over 12 months, shoot more than that at this point. Hes doing well, hes going day to day, hes communicating telling us what he expects and what he wants, and were trying to deliver that.

(On why hes confident that with a lot of new parts they can still be successful) I think it depends on what kind of parts. Having your center, having your quarterback are always staples in your offense and on a team. Defensively youre probably talking about how some D-lineman, and some linebackers and free safeties lining things up. Weve got a lot of guys that are new, and a couple of guys that have been around. Weve got successful guys in those positions. I think that fitting other guys in and having a guy like myself in the same room wont prove to be a curveball like some expected.

(On what things have developed where he can feel that hell be alright in the last couple of days) We started in April, we are probably like four or five months into this thing, the grace period is kind of overdoesnt really kind of exist anymore around here, everyones a Dolphins here now and theyll play if they can play

(On what he thinks the receiving core is capable of) I think we are a bunch of guys who can contribute on a consistent basis, that whenever the offense picks that day. Hopefully its evenly spread, if its evenly spread its hard to defend, between the running backs getting out, or tight ends, or the receiving core. Theres a lot of weapons on this team and a lot of guys are going to see opportunities.

(On how Brandon Gibsons skillset allows him to play inside) Id say Brandons very efficient in his route running, a lot of body control which you need a lot of times inside with the backers and safeties and a lot of trash going on inside the interior of the defense, hes smart he can feel coverage. I think at this point hes continuing to learn the offense, continuing to be where Ryan wants him to be, and really getting on Ryans page. At this point almost every bodys got the tools necessary, its just using them efficiently at the right now and really communicating throughout the group and with the quarterback.

(On how its been playing with Mike Wallace and how it opens up the field) Its good, its easy to play with Mike. He wants to win, he wants to be even better, he wants to be a staple down her for a while, he wants to win football games, anytime youve got someone like that and he works hard, anytime youve got those kinds of characteristics its pretty easy to get along with. Hes easy to talk to, he wants to work, he wants to be good, he wants to win, so the rest is kind of white noise in a way.

(On a lot being said about Wallaces speed) Hes a fast guy man, hes got rare capabilities and Im out of his running class, hes definitely a rare talent, a rare breed and he knows how to expose it.

(On if there is a greater sense of urgency to start the season fast due to the playoff opponents within the first few weeks of the season) Its awesome. Thats kind of the way you want it to go out, if you want to get started and have high expectations, to be sharpened right off the bat with either wins or tough losses, or however it goes, playing the best ofobviously its 2012 but, the best of the best within the past year, its a great opportunity. I think its a great chance to see where were at. I think were probably building more and more confidence coming through the offseason, and to hit those teams right off the bat, is a great opportunity for us and a great chance for us to really get some good competition, what its all about and sharpen our tool set and see where we match up.

(On how confident he is that there are more big plays coming) I dont know if there are a lot of 1 play, 80 yard drives but Im hoping to see more 1 play 50 yard drives or 2 play 70 yard drives, you know big plays in general, quick turnaround fumble recoveries from defense that can turn into instant points. Nonetheless when youre at the bottom of the group, you always want to expect more. How much more is probably what were working on, we all set goals and we have high standards going into 2013, but at this point, Ryans throwing a great ball, were trying to get open, were still growing, weve got a lot of great work done in OTAs and were trying to carry that into fall camp.

Source: Miami Dolphins Media


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