Top 30 NFL Quarterbacks

With Joe Flacco’s agent asking for Flacco to be the highest paid quarterback in the league, Sports Talk Florida ranked the top 30 QBs.

According to the rankings Flacco’s salary should be eighth in the league and Aaron Rodgers should get a raise.

Do you think Joe Flacco should get $20 million a year?

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1Brady, Tom3484,82798.7NE
2Rodgers, Aaron3984,295108GB
3Brees, Drew43195,17796.3NO
4Manning, Peyton37114,659105.8DEN
5Ryan, Matt32144,71999.1ATL
6Roethlisberger, Ben2683,26597PIT
7Manning, Eli26153,94887.2NYG
8Flacco, Joe22103,81787.7BAL
9Romo, Tony28194,90390.5DAL
10Stafford, Matthew20174,96779.8DET
11Luck, Andrew23184,37476.5IND
12Griffin III, Robert2053,200102.4WAS
13Rivers, Philip26153,60688.6SD
14Cutler, Jay19143,03381.3CHI
15Dalton, Andy27163,66987.4CIN
16Newton, Cam19123,86986.2CAR
17Wilson, Russell26103,118100SEA
18Kaepernick, Colin1031,81498.3SF
19Fitzpatrick, Ryan24163,40083.3BUF
20Smith, Alex1351,737104.1SF
21Schaub, Matt22124,00890.7HOU
22Freeman, Josh27174,06581.6TB
23Bradford, Sam21133,70282.6STL
24Vick, Michael12102,36278.1PHI
25Ponder, Christian18122,93581.2MIN
26Tannehill, Ryan12133,29476.1MIA
27Hasselbeck, Matt751,36781TEN
28Cousins, Kirk43466101.6WAS
29Palmer, Carson22144,01885.3OAK
30Tebow, Tim003984.9NYJ


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