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Tim Tebow On The New Jets QB

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow spoke to the media Wednesday about the current quarterback situation and what he thinks his role will be in the future.

On his reaction to Greg McElroy being named the starter

Obviously, (Im) a little disappointed. (You) just try to handle it as best you can.

On whether Coach Ryan and Coach Sparano gave him an explanation for McElroy being named the starter

Not really too much of one. Just thats what theyre doing and as a player you just, even though you might not agree, you have respect for them and the organization and you just do the best you can.

On whether the Jets werent genuine in calling him the backup quarterback all season and then making McElroy the starter

Sometimes things just happen out of your control and obviously you might not be pleased with them or happy about it, but you just try to handle it as best you can.

On if hes baffled as to why the Jets wanted him

Some things are hard to understand, but theyre trying to do the best they can and I understand that.

On whether the coaches ever told him what they wanted to see more of from him in practice

No, sir.

On whether he was given any explanation

No, sir.

On whether he tried to ask for more of an explanation

Its not going to change their mind and I dont want that to.

On when he found out McElroy would be the starter

Yesterday morning.

On whether he feels passed over

All you can ask for and all you want is a chance a chance, to go out there and play the game you love and help this team win football games. Thats all I wanted.

On if its fair to say he hasnt been given a chance

(I) tried to make the most of every opportunity that I had. (I) wouldve loved to have more.

On whether he is angry

No. I dont know. Mr. T (Mike Tannenbaum) and Rex (Coach Ryan), theyre all trying to do the best they can just like everyone in this building and they thought that was the best decision for this organization and I respect that. You might not agree, but I still respect it.

On whether he wants to be a Jet next year

Ill wait until after this season to talk about anything like that.

On whether if hell be a Jet next season is more open-ended now

Ill just wait until after the season and look at everything then.

On if he feels that the Jets havent lived up to their word

I dont think anybody knew exactly what was going to happen. Just tried to do what was best in their mind and we just tried to work together as a team. Obviously, everybodys a little bit disappointed (with) how the season has turned out. (Were) just trying to do the best we can with these last two games and find a way to win and hopefully I can contribute and help this team.

On if he knew Monday night that Mark Sanchez was no longer the starter

No, maam.

On if he knows what his role will be on Sunday

Youll have to ask Coach Ryan. Hes in control of that and hell be the one controlling it on Sunday.

On if he regrets coming to the Jets

No, sir. I dont have regrets. I believe everything happens for a reason and its a learning opportunity for me. Theres a lot that Ive learned, good and bad, and I still appreciate the opportunity to come be a Jet.

On if he feels deceived

I dont feel deceived. I just appreciate the opportunity that Ive had here and Im going to make the most of these last two weeks.

On if he ever thought he couldve been passed over when hes never been given a chance

Every opportunity you get, you want to make the most of and Id have loved to have more of an opportunity to just play quarterback. And obviously, thats my goal. (Ill) just make the most of these last two weeks and see what happens after that.

On if he sees himself as just a Wildcat quarterback

No, maam.

On what he sees himself as

As a quarterback.

On if he has any regrets about playing personal protector

It was something that they felt I could do to help this team and I just try to put the team first and if I couldve helped this team, hopefully I did help them, as a PP (personal protector). Thats something that they thought I should do, so I wanted to help this team.

On if he wouldve been more a part of the game plan had he not suffered his rib injury

Im not sure.

On if he finds it odd that the one game Sanchez was benched was the one game he was inactive for

Could just be unlucky.

On if he thought hed play Monday if Sanchez struggled

I wasnt sure. They told me Id have a chance to get in a few possessions, so I didnt know when that would come exactly but (I was) just trying to do something with those opportunities.

On if hes ever considered that if he didnt have his rib injury, he could have played at Arizona instead of McElroy and potentially been named the starter this week

Well, I dont like looking back and having regrets so I dont have regrets about anything. That was part of what happened and part of Gods plan and Im not going to regret not being healthy. There was nothing I could do to control that, so no, I wont look back with regrets or anything like that.

On whether this season has sabotaged his career chances

No, sir.

On why he doesnt think this season has sabotaged his career

Ive always, since I was a young boy, believed in myself and the abilities that God has given me and I just look forward to having an opportunity to try to show those again. Im pretty positive and I look forward to the future and whats going to happen.

On if he was told he would play a few possessions on Monday

I wasnt sure, it was just what was told to me.

On if its hard to believe what has changed since last year

Theres always ups and downs and its not about how you handle the ups, its about how you handle the downs. Thats the true test of your character. For me its trying to have a great character and work ethic, and putting this team first and trying to do whats right and do my best and treat others the way I want to be treated. And thats been my philosophy since Coach (Craig) Howard taught it to me my first year at Nease and thats not going to change.

On if hes told anyone at the Jets that if he doesnt get a chance to play that he wants to move on

Thats something that well talk about after this season.

On whether he has said if he doesnt get to play that hell move on

Well look forward to that after the Buffalo game, talking about it.

On whether hell talk to the media or the front office

Who knows. (laughter)

On if today is his toughest day as a Jet

Im not sure, its a good question.

On if hes disappointed

Obviously, as an athlete, as a competitor, you want to be out there helping your team, fighting for victories. I think its fair to say that Im a little disappointed.

On if he believed that he would get the opportunity to be the starting quarterback when he came to the Jets

I just believed that I would get an opportunity to try to compete as a quarterback and get opportunities, just doing whatever I can to help this team win, and thats been my goal since I got here and itll be the goal for these next two weeks.

On if he feels that this season has stunted his progress in the NFL

No, sir. I feel like Ive improved, put in a lot of work and look forward to trying to show that sometime. There are always ups and downs in life and for me its not about those ups, its about the downs, how you handle them. (Its about) your character, your strength, your honor, and for me thats how Im trying to approach every situation and I think it really shows what youre made of too.

On if hes frustrated that hes been the backup quarterback but McElroy is starting

Well, Im going to be rooting and cheering for Greg and supporting him and helping him anyway I can. Obviously were all competitors, we all want to play and I would love to be out there on the field helping this football team. But when its my opportunity, then Ill try to make the most of it, this is Gregs and Im happy for him although Id love to be out on the field competing, helping this team win.

On if hes asked for a trade

I have not. Well talk about that after the season though.

On why he hasnt made as much of an impression on the coaches when he and McElroy have similar college wins

Well, Im not going to try to compare me and Greg. Thats not fair. For me, its just, whenever I get an opportunity, try and make the most of it and I was hoping I would be given one for these last few games. But (Im) handling that as best I can and supporting Greg and supporting this football team and trying to be a great teammate and help out however I can.

On how he would describe this season

I think its had its ups and downs. (Ive had) a lot of learning opportunities, good and bad. (There are) a lot of things I will take from it and try to better myself as a person and as a football player. Also (there are) a lot of great relationships that have been made in this locker room.

On if he wishes he didnt come to the Jets

No, sir. I really believe everything happens for a reason. God brought me here for some reasons and I have had a good time here, built a lot of great relationships and Im thankful for the opportunity to be a Jet.

On if he thinks he couldve helped more, looking back on the season

Im a competitor and I love playing this game of football and as a competitor, you believe in yourself. You believe that you can make things happen, so if given an opportunity, I would love to compete and help this football team and who knows what would happen.

On if he sees himself as a Jet next year

Im not sure, but its something that well talk about after this season ends.

On how he feels about the quarterback change

Well, Im a competitor and I want to be out there and I want to play and I want to help this team. You dont necessarily get that opportunity, but that doesnt mean that I would turn my back on my team or this organization. (I just have to) be the best teammate that I can, try to help this team and be the best scout team quarterback I can and do whatever I can to help this team. Thats all I can control and thats what Im going to do.

On if he still believes hes a starting quarterback...


On if he thinks hell be given the chance to be a starting quarterback

I believe one day, yes.

Source: New York Jets Media


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