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Tiger Struggles Again With Consistency

Woods, who looked in total control of his game on Thursday posting a leading score of four under par 66, looked anything but in control of his golf swing on Friday - which has been a common theme in 2012. On Thursday Tiger postedsix birdies and barely missed two other medium range putts and, although he made two bogeys, looked in total control of his game.

All of the competitors are finding East Lake very difficult and almost impossible to escape the round without at leastone ortwo bogeys.However, on Friday Tiger madefive bogeys and one double bogey posting athree over par round of 73and had to pull all of his trick shot mastery out of the bag to even give himself a chance of getting up and down for par on numerous holes. Only Tiger really could have hit the ball that poorly and come out of the round still under par for the event, tied for 12th, basically in the middle of the pack. On one hole, after an errant drive deep into the trees Tiger banked his second shot after curving it up, over and around huge trees off of a green-side hospitality tentnear a bunker. He failed to get up and down on that hole, but on a few other holes he was able to pull off some incredible Houdini acts andsomehow scramble for a par. On one of the easier holes (if you can say that) #15, Tiger had an iron in his hand going for the green in two and hooked the shot way left of the green andfailed to get up and down for birdie like his playing partner Justin Rose. Frustrated, he hooked his next tee shot behind a tree and then sliced his following tee shot up against a grandstand. After missing the 18th green he did makea niceup and down to stay 1 under par for the tournament and an outside chance of winning the event over the weekend.

Tiger's"room for error" now though is very small as he sits 6 shots behind Jim Furyk, who has won this event before and looks up at other PGA Tour studs, Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watsonand Rory McIlroy, to name a few. Who knows which Tiger will show up over the weekend as he has struggled from time to time in big events recently on the weekend. Will it be the Tiger that looked like he was enjoying his game and the golf course on Thursday beating his new buddy "The Intimidator" Rory McIlroy? Or will it be the Tiger who looked very frustrated after hitting numerous off line shots and at one point looked liked he wanted to snap a club over his head? Either way, it will be fun to watch...


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