CBS Allows Announcer Discretion for “Redskins”

When football season rolls around, CBS isn’t cracking down on the controversial Washington Redskins name. According to Pro Football Talk, the network is allowing their announcers to decide for themselves whether they use the name or not. CBS Sports

Robert Griffin III

Baylor To Unveil Robert Griffin III Statue

Baylor is riding high on the Robert Griffin III fame.


College Student Arrested For Giving Opinion On Redskins Name

A fugitive was arrested after sharing his opinion on the Washington Redskins name.

Tanard Jackson

Tanard Jackson Hopes He Can Make Redskins Roster

After spending the last two seasons on the outside looking in, Tanard Jackson is hopeful that he can make the Redskins roster this season.

Johnny Manziel

Photo: Johnny Manziel Hangs With RGIII

Not only has Johnny Manziel found time to hang with the Biebs, he's found time to hang with RGIII as well


Detroit News Drops “Redskins” From Paper

Six days ago, the Seattle Times dropped the term from it's paper and now the Detroit News is doing so.

dan snyder

History Repeats Itself: Snyder Carries On Racist Tradition in D.C.

In today’s politically correct climate, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Washington Redskins organization should change its team name. The team nickname “Redskins” was originally created in an outdated era of American history when racial epithets


NFLPA Collusion Case Reinstated in Appeals Court Over ‘Secret Salary Cap’

NFLPA proceeding with lawsuit against the league for ‘secret salary cap’ in 2010 Remember the collusion case against the NFL, when NFL players accused the league of imposing a secret salary cap during what was supposed to be an


What is the Future of the Redskins Name?

Tuck and O’Neill talk to Yahoo Sports Frank Schwab about the Washington Redskins nickname controversy. Why you should listen: Tuck and O’Neill discuss the Washington Redskins name controversy with Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports. Schwab discusses how the NFL


Seattle Times Not Using ‘Redskins’ Anymore

The sports editor of the Seattle Times, Don Shelton, is refusing the term 'Redskins' cross their printing machines.