USA Men’s Soccer Team Gets First Win of 2015

Dempsey and Bradley Both Score For USA The USA Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) got their first victory of 2015 by beating Panama 2-0 and two big stars scored two amazing goals for the win. Michael Bradley had the

FSU and Auburn could be headed for a National Championship rematch

Best Games of 2014: Florida State vs. Auburn Tops List

ELO Online: The Best Games of 2014 These are the best games of 2014; the games you’ll never forget and the people who defined the year in sports. Tuck and O’Neill : December 31, 2014   25. MLS


Tim Howard Has A Genius Yearbook Quote

Most yearbook quotes are silly. You're supposed to come up with some life-defining statement although

Tim Howard

Tim Howard Named Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia

Someone changed TIm Howard's Wiki page


Video: U.S.-Belgium Game Interrupted For Fan On Field

This dude decided to run onto the field during the U.S.-Belgium game and flash his tee-shirt with a political message. It took forever to get him off the field, but its okay; soccer adds stoppage time. And the camera

USA waffles

Waffle House Has Special Message for Team USA

You’ve probably seen the ‘Woo pancakes!’ and ‘Boycott Belgian Waffles’ tweets posted by your friends in an effort to conjure up support for Team USA and not give Belgium any good jiu-jiu heading into today’s World Cup elimination match.

Jozy altidore

BREAKING: Jozy Altidore To Play Against Belgium

US Soccer tweeted that Jozy Altidore has been cleared and will play against Belgium.

Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore Could Make Triumphant Return Against Belgium

Some good news for the U.S. has finally come

Eden Hazard,  who plays for Chelsea. Is the key member of the Belgium team the USA must stop.

World Cup: How the USA beats Belgium on Tuesday

The United States has World Cup fever, bad and they don’t want it to end come 4 pm Tuesday afternoon when they face Belgium. There will be fans heading home early from work, or going to viewing parties all

Jenna and Amanda

The Sports Interruption: Can USA Beat Belgium?

On this episode of The Sports Interruption, Jenna and Amanda talk about what happened in the USA vs. Germany game Thursday and how Coach Klinsmann handled the situation. But, as the team moves forward, so do we. The girls