Corey Grant, Shaq Wiggins

Problems with Football Won’t Affect Fans’ Love for Game

 The football industry has had an incredibly bad public relations year so far on three levels– high school, college and the pros. Three high schools suspended programs because of hazing issues with one school seeing seven arrests. On the


Texas Pays Almost $300K To Hire Football Coach

The University of Texas takes football very seriously. They also consider the hiring of the right football coach to be a very serious matter. So serious, in fact, that they spent nearly $300,000 to find the right guy. According

Red McCombs a long time Texas booster did not like the hiring of Charlie Strong

Texas booster blasts school for hiring Strong

According to this Assoiated Press story not all of Longhorn Nation is in love with new head coach Charlie Strong. A billionaire donor to the University of Texas says the hire of new football coach Charlie Strong was like

If Texas calls Charlie Strong would be wise to head to Austin

Strong tops Texas list of new coaches

The two men who are reportedly on the short list for head coaching job at the University of Texas are not big name coaches. They are however, outstanding recruiters and two of the best young coaches in the business.

Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher is a candidate for the Texas job

Forget what FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher is saying he is one of about four candidates to replace Mack Brown as the next head coach at the University of Texas. Fisher is working on getting his team ready to

Nick saban

Saban under pressure by Texas

ESPN is reporting that the agent for coach Nick Saban told Texas officials in January that Texas was the only school he would consider leaving Alabama for, and his success with the Crimson Tide had put him under “special