What’s Wrong With The Starting Pitching Market?

Is Masahiro Tanaka preventing other marquee free agent starting pitchers from getting signed?


Ubaldo Jimenez Declines Option With Indians

Ubaldo Jimenez is no dummy. After seeing Tim Lincecum get $35 million, Jimenez said thanks but no thanks to the Indians after they exercised their half of the $8 million option for 2014, thereby becoming a free agent. Jimenez


Indians/Jimenez Soaring High At The Right Time

Increased confidence and poise has Cleveland looking bright for present and future.

Chris Archer

Ubaldo Jimenez Silences Rays Bats, Indians Defeat Rays 5-0

Chris Archer struggles with command and Ubaldo Jimenez silences Rays bats as Indians take middle game 5-0.


Chris Archer Ready To Take On Tribe, Lineups Posted

Archer looks to overcome jitters, extra days rest, and potent Tribe lineup and extend Rays win streak to 7