Viva Las Vegas: Is The NHL Ready for Gambling?

Is the National Hockey League ready for a sports book, Elvis impersonators, Barry Manilow, Celine Dion and gambling on NHL contests? Las Vegas has been pushing for Major League teams over the past decade. The city struck out in


Falling Canadian Dollar Could Cause Problems

The American dollar has been getting stronger lately while the Canadian dollar has fallen by about 10 percent in the past few years. The currency exchange rate does matter in North American sports. American teams have more money by

Jakes feels this could be his big weekend in Toronto.

Orlando’s James Jakes love’s his chances in Toronto.

IndyCar Series heads to the beautiful streets of Toronto for the second doubleheader weekend of the 2013 season. They are billing the race as “2 in TO,” and both races can be seen on the NBC Sports Network on