Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Has New Sponsor With MusclePharm

On Wednesday it was announced that Tiger Woods will have a new sponsor when he returns on tour

Tiger Woods

Could Tiger Woods Still Play In British Open?

With the British Open five weeks away, Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel reports that Woods is taking swings


Tiger Woods Says Surgery Gave Him Hope to Play Again

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Tiger Woods says his back injury was so debilitating that it caused him to doubt whether he would play golf again. Woods said Monday that the surgery he had March 31 erased those doubts, although

Tiger Woods

Woods Has A New Tournament — For Amateurs

Tiger Woods is hosting another tournament, this one for recreational golfers on courses that include

Dustin Johnson

Starstruck Media Muddies Golf’s Picture

The latest television ratings for The Masters are in, and they’re about as pretty as Phil Mickelson’s score on the 12th hole in the second round. That was a triple-bogey six (without a penalty shot, no less) for those


Watson Turning Masters Into Major Hubbubba

It’s comforting to know in the 21st century that a genuine good-old-boy named Bubba, nicknamed as such because of post-womb chubby cheeks and hailing from a working-class part of the Florida panhandle called the Redneck Riviera, could grow up


Masters Marches On, In Tandem With Prodigy

This is what the Masters needed like an azalea begs for a sprinkler head, a 20-year-old prodigy who sees Tiger Woods as a geezer, thinks video games are so last decade and will refer to Bubba Watson — who


Without Tiger Drama, Golf Is Just Golf Again

Remember all those people who vilified and ridiculed Tiger Woods, called him a scumbag and a bimbo-izer and a commercial fraud after his sex scandal? Well, right about now, they’re starting to miss him. And as the Masters proceeds

It’s Beginning of End for Tiger, Sad to Say

Once, he flirted with Grand Slams. Now, Tiger Woods owns the Gimp Slam, having missed all four major championships because of injuries. He confirmed the obvious in announcing he’ll miss the Masters for the first time, after back surgery

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Announces He’ll Miss Masters

Tiger Woods regretfully announced on Twitter that he will have to miss the Masters after undergoing