TBO’s Roy Cummings With His Takeaways From The NFL Combine

Roy Cummings Of TBO On Jameis Winston Being The Bucs Top Contender Roy Cummings of TBO joined Tom Veit on The Front Office today to recap his NFL Combine observations & talk the Bucs leaning towards Jameis Winston. What


2015 Rays Will Be Built On Pitching & Defense

Andrew Astleford Talks 2015 Rays Team At The Start Of Spring Training Andrew Astleford of FOX Sports Florida covers the Bucs, Bolts & Rays and he’s with Tom Veit to preview the 2015 Rays pitching staff entering Spring Training.

Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota

How Legitimate Is The Winston To Manning Comparison?

Brent Sobleski Talks NFL Combine And The Winston To Manning Comparison Brent Sobleski of Bleacher Report joined Mike and Jerry today to recap the NFL Combine and give his insight on the emerging Winston to Manning comparison. How do

Jason Licht

Bucs Insider Jenna Laine With 1st Impressions From The Combine

Jenna Laine On Mariota And Winston At The NFL Combine Our Bucs insider Jenna Laine joined Tom Veit today from the NFL Combine in Indy to talk about first impressions, Marcus Mariota, & Jameis Winston. What’s your first impressions


Bucs What Ifs: Trading The #1 Pick To The Browns

Mike Huguenin On #1 Pick Trade Scenarios For The Bucs Mike Huguenin of NFL.com joined Tom Veit on The Front Office to talk Bucs #1 pick scenarios in the midst of this week’s NFL Scouting Combine. Let’s just play

Jameis Winston

Mariota and Winston: Success Depends On Where They Land

Nate Davis Jumps Into The Mariota And Winston Conversation Nate Davis joined Tom Veit today from Indianapolis where he’s covering the NFL Combine. He’s giving his insight on Mariota and Winston for the Bucs. How much do you think

Winston Mariota

The Burning Question, Still: Mariota Or Winston?

Mike And Jerry Debate Mariota Or Winston Today Mike and Jerry are discussing the ever burning question of who the better NFL draft quarterback is. Is it Mariota or Winston? Mike and Jerry give their take: Jerry: You were


Bucs ‘Comfortable’ With Jameis Winston Going Into The Combine

Roy Cummings On The Lovie Smith’s Comments On The Bucs #1 Pick Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune was on with Tom Veit today to talk about the Bucs Lovie Smith’s recent comments of their confidence in Jameis Winston.


Too Early To Believe The Bucs & Jameis Winston Are A Lock

Brent Sobleski Gives His Reasoning On The Bucs #1 Pick Decision Brent Sobleski of Bleacher Report joined Mike and Jerry to give his take on the Bucs #1 draft pick & why it’s too early to assume they’re set

Bucs RB Doug Martin will be out against the Redskins

Josh McCown Is Out So Who’s In For The Bucs?

Roy Cummings On The Bucs Releasing Josh McCown And Their Draft Plans Going Forward Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune joined Tom Veit to talk about the Bucs releasing QB Josh McCown and how that effects their preparation going