Tuck: Will NFL Playoffs Be As Predictable As They Appear?

Is there any reason not to think these guys will meet in NY for the Super Bowl?

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Has the Incognito-Martin Case Cost Miami a Few Super Bowls?

The Miami Dolphins locker room behavior may cost Miami a chance at hosting Super Bowls in the future. While many people are focusing on the culture of the Miami locker room and casting a close eye on Incognito and

Bucs QB Josh Freeman Patriots

Tuck: Climbing Out Of The 0-2 Hole In The NFL

Can the Bucs become the first team since 2008 to do it?


Tuck: 2013 NFL Predictions

In 2011, the Redskins, Vikings, and Colts combined for 10 wins. All 3 made the playoffs last year. Who will crash the party this year?


The Dolphins win the Super Bowl or NFL Team go Undefeated?

Earlier this morning on SportstalkFlorida Mornings,  Eric Lopez and David Buchman discuss what is more likely to happen, the Miami Dolphins to win a Super Bowl or  an NFL Team goes Undefeated? Why you should listen :  Eric Lopez and David


Miami Loses Votes For 2 Super Bowl Bids

  BOSTON (AP) — Miami lost out on a chance to host the Super Bowl in 2016 and 2017. And the team says it knows why. The Florida Legislature’s decision not to approve a plan to renovate the Dolphins’

Jim Harbaugh

John, Jim Harbaugh Haven’t Spoken Since Super Bowl

Ravens coach John Harbaugh spoke to his brother, Jim, immediately after Super Bowl XLVII ended. Since then, John Harbaugh has had more conversations with David Letterman. Appearing Thursday on Letterman’s CBS late-night show, John Harbaugh talked about his post-game


49ers Harbaugh Reflects On The Super Bowl And Future

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media Tuesday and recapped the season and the events of Super Bowl XLVII. The last four plays are going to get scrutinized a long time, I’m sure. What are


Tuck: Next Year’s Super Bowl Champ

The Baltimore Ravens sit atop the football galaxy. Can they repeat without Ray Lewis? Who will knock them off?


Poll: Greatest Super Bowl Team Of All-Time

Let the debate begin on the greatest Super Bowl team of all-time. Ray Lewis the 2013 Baltimore Ravens probably think that they’re the greatest team of all-time right now. How would they compare to the 2001 Ravens? Are the