Nevada Wants a Piece of Olympics Betting Action

The casinos and hotels in Nevada that have sports books, are looking to capture some extra money and want an events that they don’t have: The Winter and Summer Olympics. There is money to be made every two years on


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Charlie tries to offer a little sunshine to those athletes and sports personalities who have had a rough week


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Oscar Pistorius was a hero and an inspiration and now we are left wondering about the man we cheered for.


Tuck: Sports Missing From The Summer Olympics

Of course Tiger Woods should have a shot at a gold medal. Golf, and many other sports aren't being played at the Summer Olympics, and should be.

Everett Dawkins

1080 Insider Show 7-29-12

Brandon Mellor join the Insiders today to preview the upcoming season for Florida State football.


Tuck: The Dream Team

Remembering what was put together 20 years ago with the United State Olympic Team. Here is a trip down memory lane.


Tuck: Wade Backs Off Olympics Payday

Dwyane Wade voiced his opinion, and quickly silenced himself upon hearing the reaction.