Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer Loves Fergie and Doesn’t Care Who Knows

During the Los Angeles Clippers game Wednesday night, Fergie performed. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was excited about it. Seriously, he was really excited about it. In this vine video, courtesy of Arash Markazi, you can watch Ballmer going crazy

Donald Sterling

Dare We Say The Wicked Wretch Is Finally Gone?

Is it finally safe to continue our lives? Are we finished with the daily swarm of Donald Sterling madness that jerked our minds in directions not thought possible, even through decades of sporting scandals? Can we at last sing


How Much Is Too Much For A Sports Franchise?

Donald Sterling may be “mentally incapacitated,’’ but in a way, we too are sick puppies. We devote an uncomfortable, disproportionate amount of attention to sports in this country, to the point a long-bedraggled basketball franchise in Los Angeles can

Donald Sterling

Clippers May Have Sold but Sterling Still Owes $662M in Taxes

The Los Angeles Clippers have officially sold and the deal will be finalized shortly. But it’s not over for Donald Sterling just yet. Steve Ballmer will be the owner of the shiny, new NBA team but Sterling will be

Steve Ballmer

What Does Clippers Sale Mean for the NFL?

The Los Angeles Clippers sold for a whopping $2 billion and that is more than enough cha-ching to make NFL owners ecstatic. It was former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who purchased the NBA franchise from Donald Sterling. Don’t worry, it’s