Los Angeles Rams

A Los Angeles Rams Return in 2015? Possible But Unlikely

If you read the tea leaves or believe in tarot cards, the signs all point to the return of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams franchise to the Los Angeles market soon, perhaps by 2016. But, there is a long


Rams Owner Planning NFL Stadium In Los Angeles County

A newspaper reports the owner of the St. Louis Rams plans to build an NFL stadium in Los Angeles County, boosting the chances that pro football could return to the region.

Gus Bradley Questions Jaguars Rookie Marqise Lee's Effort

Jaguars Receivers Wear ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Shirts During Warm-Ups

Just when you thought tonight’s ‘primetime’ match-up was nothing special, the Jacksonville Jaguars receivers made headlines. The entire receiving corps wearing the "I can't breathe" shirts in warm ups pic.twitter.com/940CBMpGYM — Brent Martineau (@BrentAS360) December 18, 2014 During warm-ups,


The NFL and LA: Are They Really Ready?

The NFL has gone more than two decades without a team in the Los Angeles market. A number of people think that will be corrected shortly and some NFL owner will move his team into the market. But in


St. Louis Rams’ Protest Ruffles Feathers

Sports fans don’t like real life to interfere with their enjoyment of games. Generally, sports owners and sports marketing partners would prefer athletes to just shut up. The owners and marketing partners can deal with players arrests and drug

Rams hands up don't shoot

Rams On-Field Protest Of Ferguson Shooting Is Irresponsible

Tom Veit talks about the St. Louis Rams players involved in the on-field protests of the Ferguson Shooting and how irresponsible those players acted.

Rams hands up don't shoot

St. Louis Police Want Rams Punished for “Hands-Up, Don’t Shoot” Display

The St. Louis Police Officers Association is not happy about several members of the St. Louis Rams and their display of "hands-up, don't shoot" just prior to the Raiders game


Rumor Alert: Rams, Raiders Could Relocate To LA In 2015

There are two NFL teams whose leases expire at the end of this season, and one of them might be headed to Los Angeles as soon as next season.


Why Los Angeles is a Football Flop

If the truth is ever told, the Los Angeles-Anaheim market is a total flop. Sure, the NFL had a team in LA, in name only in 1926 and an American Football League I team also in 1926. There was


Bucs Trade Mark Barron to Rams, Ending a Disappointing Time in Tampa

The Bucs have traded safety Mark Barron to the Rams in exchange for fourth and sixth-round draft picks, ending his disappointing time in Tampa