Tim Howard Trends on Twitter and Has Special Message for Fans

The U.S. may not have walked away with the win against Belgium, but goalie Tim Howard will forever be remembered for his amazing effort and his extreme ball-stopping skills. His name is being praised on social media and he

World Cup

The Day the World Cup Stood Still

Today is Friday, A.K.A. the happiest day of the week. Yet, on this happy day, there aren’t any World Cup games! Fans all over the world aren’t too happy about it and they’ve taken to Twitter to rant about

Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s Haircut: A Tribute to Young Fan with Brain Tumor

During the Portugal vs. USA World Cup game, we noticed that Cristiano Ronaldo had cut his hair. This haircut featured a zig-zag-like line on the side of his head and he received a lot of scrutiny for it–some even

Serey Die

False Rumor: Ivory Coast’s Serey Die Cried Before Game Because His Father Died

According to false reports, Serey Die, a soccer player for the Ivory Coast, was crying before the start of the World Cup game against Colombia, because his father passed away just hours before the game. It turns out, those

The Sports Interruption

The Sports Interruption: Good and Evil of the World Cup

In this episode of The Sports Interruption, Sports Talk Florida Editor Amanda Borges and Insider Jenna Laine talk about the good that surrounds the World Cup, and the evil that comes from the games. There are many headlines circulating


Bomb Kills Several at World Cup Viewing Site in Nigeria

An explosion at an illegal World Cup viewing site in northeast Nigeria killed at least 14 people while security forces arrested a “terror kingpin” among nearly 500 people detained as suspected terrorists in the southeast of the country, police


Poll: Who Will Win the World Cup?

Fans all over the world have been glued to their TVs to watch their country compete in the World Cup. The tournament has been very competitive so far, but do you have a prediction of who will win it all?

Chinese Soccer

Soccer Fan Dies From Lack of Sleep, Watching World Cup

If you’ve stayed up late this week to watch the World Cup, you’re not the only one. But, one Chinese soccer fan has taken his love for the sport to another level and it cost him his life. According


Brazil Get’s Confident, Sells “We Want Bama” Shirts

Brazil is getting pretty confident about their team. They may be facing other countries in the World Cup, but they also want a shot to face another top team. According to this fan’s tweet, they are now selling shirts

USA Soccer

It’s Unrealistic To Expect U.S. World Cup Title

SAO PAULO (AP) — Jurgen Klinsmann maintains the United States shouldn’t be expected to win the World Cup, even if that stance is upsetting to some fans back home. “If it’s now American or not American, I don’t know.