Seahawks Fans

700,000 People Pack Seattle Streets For Parade

Seattle Seahawks coaches, players and staff say they wouldn't have been able to win the Super Bowl


President Obama Commends Seattle

President Barack Obama has congratulated the Seattle Seahawks for defeating the Denver


Golden Tate Hopes To Return To Seahawks

Golden Tate claims he would be willing to take less money in free agency in order to return


Huge Crowd Expected At Seahawks Parade

Some people staked out spots overnight in freezing temperatures to beat the crowd expected in downtown


Is Jay Z Making A Move To Represent Russell Wilson?

It’s no surprise that the Russel Wilson would be hanging out with a New York entertainment icon


Tuck: Way Too Early 2014 NFL Season Predictions

Super Bowl rematch? Who are the favorites? Will the Bucs, Jags, or Dolphins snap their playoff drought?

Seattle Celebration

Police: Two Shootings Amid Seahawks Celebration

Seattle police say they're investigating two shootings that came amid widespread celebrations


Store Loses $7M With Seahawks Win

Seattle's victory in the Super Bowl has cost Houston furniture store mogul Jim McIngvale some $7 million


Tuck: Seahawks Russell Wilson Spectacular In Super Bowl

Quarterbacks get too much credit and too much blame. Somehow this guy hasn't gotten enough.


Russell Wilson Plans To Attend Spring Training

John Morsi of Fox Sports 1 reports that Russell Wilson will attend spring training