MLB: Sandoval Still Wants $100 Million Contract

Pablo Sandoval hasn’t had the season he wanted so far. He turned down a 3-year $40 million before the start of the year. Now he is wanting a contract with nine figures but isn’t producing as a player deserving

Tim Hudson

MLB: Hudson Loses Walkless Streak

The San Francisco Giants’ Tim Hudson has been pretty great this year. So great in fact, he faced 115 batters without giving up a walk. That streak however game to an end last night. For more information visit: Bill


Fan Arrested After Throwing M-80 Into Dodgers/Giants Crowd

Some people just enjoy being psychopaths.

San Francisco Giants

MLB: He Can Hit Too, Bumgarner Hit’s Grand Slam

San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner is usually known for his pitching but last night it was about his hitting too. Bumgarner hit a grand slam as the Giants beat the Colorado Rockies. For more on this story visit: Hardball


Giants, Sandoval Extension Talks Die Off

Giants GM Brian Sabean said he is “probably at the end of the rope” concerning contract


Video: Batkid Throws First Pitch In Giants Game

Batkid rides again. Before the San Francisco Giants' home opener, a Batmobile drove on the field


And Now The Flaws In MLB Replay System Are Exposed

When should a manager challenge a call? That’s a crucial element of baseball’s new replay rule

Barry Bonds

Giants Players Love Seeing Bonds Back In Uniform With The Team

Barry Bonds is now one of the Giants coaches and the players couldn't be any happier.


Barry Bonds’ HOF Case

Barry Bonds' HOF case is a case of extremes being very positive and negative.

Barry Bonds 2014

Hope Springs Eternal, But *Bonds Should Not

Almost everyone has his favorite warm-and-fuzzy *Barry Bonds memory, and I have mine, too. My Kodak moment took place at the 2003 All-Star Game in Chicago. Bonds and Cubs pitcher Mark Prior had a dust-up a few days earlier,