Alex Smith About Indy Loss: “A Taste Of What Offense Can Do”

The Chiefs lost to the Colts 45-44 in the opening game of the playoffs and quarterback Alex Smith


49ers’ Kilgore Arrested For Public Intoxication

According to Nick Shepherd of the Kingsport Times-News, 49ers guard Daniel Kilgore


49ers’ Ahmad Brooks Opting Out of Pro Bowl

Earlier on Tuesday, MDS pointed out that seven of the eight 49ers selected to the Pro Bowl had either


ELOOnline : NFL Championship Games Fallout

On this edition of ELOOnline, Eric Lopez breaks down the hot topics that came from the AFC and NFC  Conference Championship Games. Why You Should Listen :  Eric Lopez talked to Jeff Sharon about what went wrong for the New


Reaction To Richard Sherman’s Antics

The Whit-Man shares his thoughts on Sherman and the rest of Championship Sunday


Tuck: Sportsmanship Not Required For Pro Athletes

You don't have to like what Richard Sherman had to say, but don't ignore the obvious.


NFL Nightmares: Grotesque Injury, Bad Call

On a day when President Obama said he wouldn’t let a son play football, about 60 million viewers saw a horrific piece of evidence. Late in the vice grip of a predictably compelling NFC championship game, San Francisco’s NaVorro


All That Noise: Behold an Epic Football Day

Whatever decibel levels are reached Sunday at Eardrum Rupture Field — 138.7 is the current high in Seattle, with 145 the equivalent of an air-raid siren and 150 that of a jet takeoff — just realize the din is


Tuck: Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl

For only the second time since 1993 the top two seeds will play in the Super Bowl for the title.


Joe Montana’s Advice To Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana believes there are some aspects of rising star Colin Kaepernick's