49ers, Harbaugh Confident Lattimore Will Return

The San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh are hopeful that Marcus Lattimore will return after suffering a horrific leg injury while playing with South Carolina. Harbaugh says that he is confident in the running back. “Marcus is going to


Anquan Boldin Kicked Out Of Practice

Anquan Boldin is an intense player and loves to perform at this level. The San Francisco 49ers love that about him but he may have taken it too far. Boldin was booted from practice on Friday after taking a

Seattle Seahawks

Epic Fail: Seahawks Mascot Burns 49ers Fan

What happens when the Seattle Seahawks’ mascot plays football on the sidewalk with a 49ers fan? Well, let’s just say it isn’t pretty. Not only does “Blitz” the mascot win (how fitting), but the Niners fan ends up face

Levi's Stadium

Roger Goodell Suggests Raiders Could Share Levi’s Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers officially introduced Levi's Stadium Thursday and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick’s New Tattoo: Money is Root of All Evil

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kapernick is showing off his new ink and it’s not the ink written on his $126 million contract with the Niners. His newest wet ink is on his side and it’s a tattoo that

Jim Harbaugh

49ers’ Jim Harbaugh Warns Players Before Break

NFL News Although Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have an extension, he is still the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and he has a message for his team–be careful of who they hangout with.  Harbaugh and the 49ers have

seahawks fans

NFL: Top 5 Biggest Bandwagon Fans

There is truly nothing more agitating than bandwagon NFL fans. One minute they’re shouting, running through the streets claiming that they “bleed” their teams colors; the next they’re as quiet as church mice. Every team has thousands of loyal

George Seifert

George Seifert Happy to Represent 49ers in Hall of Fame

George Seifert was born and raised in San Francisco and his love for the 49ers started young. In high school, he worked as an usher for the games and then after years of college and professional football, he coached the

AT&T park

Bay Area To Get Next NHL Outdoor Game

Considered one of the most scenic parks in the major leagues, AT&T Park is considered the favorite to host the game

49ers TE Vernon Davis will hold out from minicamp

49ers’ Vernon Davis Confirms He’s a Hold-Out for Minicamp

When the San Francisco 49ers begin minicamp on Tuesday, they will be without All-Pro tight end Vernon Davis. In a guest post on Peter King’s MMQB website on SI, Davis said that he will hold out from camp, saying he merely wants