Bill Simmons

The Podcast That Got Bill Simmons Suspended

When Bill Simmons recorded a podcast Monday explaining his feelings about Roger Goodell, ESPN didn’t like it very much. In fact, they hated it so much that they suspended the Grantland Editor-in-Chief for being so honest. According to,

Ray Rice

NFL Crisis: Is Domestic Violence Being Forgotten?

Is it Ray Race or Roger Goodell who is now being tried by the sports media? In an incredible sleight of hand trick, somehow domestic violence has been forgotten and Goodell is now on trial. Click to play the

Roger Goodell

NFL Crisis: Why is Goodell The Only One Getting Heat?

From all appearances, it seemed to be a typical September football weekend for the NFL, Roger Goodell and college football. People watching games and milling around wearing merchandise from their favorite teams and supporting a business whose leadership is

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell Says Sexual Assault Exists Everywhere

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media and took questions about the domestic abuse problems within the NFL and what

Ray Rice

Roger Goodell To Speak On Domestic Violence

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make a statement and take questions from the media on domestic violence issues and the NFL’s

Roger Goodell

White House Says NFL Needs To “Get Handle” On Domestic Violence

The White House is coming after the NFL on Thursday saying, "it's important that the league get a handle" on players who commit violent acts and

CoverGirl Black Eye

Should CoverGirl Pull Their NFL Sponsorship?

The makeup brand that is the “official beauty sponsor of the NFL,” has recently been creating ads unique to each team. One of the more prominent ones today, for obvious reasons, is the ad that features Baltimore Ravens colors.

Ray Rice

Ray Rice Appeal To Be Filed Today

Ray Rice has already been indefinitely suspended by the NFL and now, as expected, he is appealing that decision. It was reported by many sources, including Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, that Rice’s appeal was supposed to be filed

Ray Rice

Ray Rice Case: Sports Moralists Are Missing Big Picture

There can be no defense of Ray Rice punching out his then fiance in February, but the sports media moralists have come out in force in going after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, while almost forgetting Rice and his now


Redskins’ Snyder Issues Letter of Support For Goodell

The Ray Rice saga has certainly dinged the NFL and Roger Goodell. However, some of the leagues’ owners want to support Goodell. Some of them, Goodell might not want to be so vocal–like Washington Redskin’s Dan Snyder. Snyder has