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NFL Draft Prospects To Attend Class on Domestic Violence

The 2015 NFL Draft class is expected to be one for the books. With top recruits making headlines, everyone speculating what teams will do, and with free agency driving much of the conversation, the draft can easily be described


Congress Members Write Goodell About Domestic Violence

Two members of Congress have asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to clarify whether teams can lose draft picks if they do not properly address domestic violence.


Can The NFL Make A Difference In Domestic Violence?

The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell say they want to make an impact in domestic violence, but it depends if they are actually willing to write checks.


NFL Owners Have No Problem With Bad Apples

It seems that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell takes the responsibility for league perception problems because players, team employees and owners have gotten in trouble with the law. Goodell is the scapegoat. But on Monday, two players with different troubles

Roger Goodell

Don’t Blame Goodell For All NFL Problems

The National Football League should be in celebratory mode. The Super Bowl was a classic game, complete with people second guessing Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll, and the interest in the game was extremely high. But that euphoria quickly exited


The Story Of Super Bowl 49

Tom Brady will celebrate his 4th Super Bowl title on Sunday, but you gotta read how it went down. The story of the NFL in 2014 told in a single game.

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Has The NFL’s Integrity Taken A Hit Due To Goodell?

Gabriel Sherman On Goodell’s NFL Gabriel Sherman is contributing editor at New York Magazine and he recently wrote a piece for GQ on what has become of the NFL under Roger Goodell. Sherman is with Tom Veit to talk


Has The NFL Become Too Big For It’s Own Good?

The NFL Needs A Fast Fix Tom Veit is on The Front Office today talking about the NFL controversies over the past year and Roger Goodell’s part in the slight downfall of the most popular sport in the United

Media ready to have a real scandal dominate the Super Bowl coverage

“Deflate Gate” Will Dominate Super Bowl Coverage

The New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX in a week from Sunday in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, AZ. But as the world’s media heads to “The Valley of the Sun,” the focus

Super Bowl XLVIII NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell News Conference

Roger Goodell on Mueller Report: We Plan to Move Forward on Domestic Violence Issues

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has released a statement in regards to the Mueller Report indicating findings about the Ray Rice case. We are grateful to Director Mueller for conducting an extremely thorough and detailed investigation, and we accept his