Roger Goodell: New Player Conduct Code Has Arrived

Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stood at a podium Wednesday to unveil his new player conduct code to reaffirm to the American public that he is doing everything he can.


Senate to Discuss Sports Domestic Abuse Problems

The lame duck Senate session will include a visit from the four commissioners of the major American sports. Lawmakers apparently want to be filled in on what a private industry—sports—is doing to make sure their players are not beating

Roger Goodell

More Football Problems Plague Game

The football industry is facing its most serious problems since 1905 when President Theodore Roosevelt summoned the Presidents of Harvard, Yale and Princeton to the White House and demanded they clean up football or the game would be banned.


Roger Goodell: The Judge, The Jury, The Executioner

The Front Office: A Memo About Roger Goodell Not many people have positive feelings towards Roger Goodell, the ruler of the NFL. Tom Veit, A.K.A The GM, explains why he doesn’t exactly like the commissioner. “I love the fact,

Ray Rice

NFL Denies NFLPA Request To Interview Roger Goodell About Rice Appeal

Sunday morning NFLPA attorneys requested to talk to Roger Goodell, who could be an essential witness in Ray Rice's appeal, but NFL attorneys declined.

NFL can no longer block local games from airing on TV due the lack of a sellout

The Football Industry is in Crisis Mode (Podcast)

Midtown Manhattan and Sayreville, New Jersey are about an hour apart by car, but on Wednesday, midtown Manhattan and Sayreville were side by side as the football industry is now being forced to deal with domestic abuse and a

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell Appoints Judge for Ray Rice Appeal

Former United States District Judge Barbara S. Jones has been appointed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to hear and decide the appeal filed by the NFL Players Association on behalf of Ray Rice. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Commissioner

Adam Silver

Four Domestic Assaults in the NBA Since April

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver now has four domestic assault arrests on his watch. One player, Greg Oden, is out of the league and does not represent that much of an issue for Silver but Charlotte’s Jeffrey Turner, Memphis’s James Johnson and

Bill Simmons

Twitterverse Fires Back at ESPN for Bill Simmons Suspension

When ESPN fired columnist Bill Simmons for calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a liar, his fans took to Twitter to let everyone know that they support him. Many bloggers, tweeters, and other reporters have spoken out in his defense,

Bill Simmons

The Podcast That Got Bill Simmons Suspended

When Bill Simmons recorded a podcast Monday explaining his feelings about Roger Goodell, ESPN didn’t like it very much. In fact, they hated it so much that they suspended the Grantland Editor-in-Chief for being so honest. According to,