London Game

NFL Commish Sees “Tremendous Demand” For NFL in Europe

Could we see an NFL franchise in London in the next five years?


Miami Dolphins Receive Approval for Stadium Upgrade

The Miami-Dade County Commission approved a deal with the Miami Dolphins that will allow for major renovations to Sun Life Stadium, according to the Sun Sentinel. The $350 million project will begin this summer with the intent that it


Who Should Be Included in NFL Drug Policy?

This seems like a pretty obvious question but some key leaders in the NFL are tip-toeing around the subject of substance abuse and who should follow the rules. While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stirs up his punishment for Colts’


HGH Making Rounds in NFL

Drugs won’t ever really go away in professional sports. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The NFL and the NFLPA have recently tried coming to an agreement on how to enforce rules when it comes to HGH testing.

NFL Draft

NFL Moves Forward in Deciding 2015 Draft Location

The NFL is not even close to deciding where the 2015 NFL Draft will be held, but they are making moves to get closer. The league has formed a committee that will be in charge of studying locations and

NFL Draft

NFL Draft Blows Competition Away Once Again

Snow cones in Haiti. Porsches in a used-car lot. Class to Donald Sterling. Is there anything that the NFL couldn’t sell these days? But for three days in New York this week, the No Finer League will outdo itself.


Reid Tells Goodell To Follow In Silvers’ Footsteps

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says it’s time for the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change their name


Personal Conduct Still Out of Bounds in NFL

So the weary eyes of football jurisprudence turn to Colin Kaepernick, once known for tats but now for an apparent tattler. If you believe, the 49ers quarterback and GQ cover dude is being investigated for an alleged sexual

Super Bowl XLVIII NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell News Conference

Roger Goodell Annual Meeting Transcript

On the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl and the effect it may have on future Super Bowls being held in open-air stadiums in cold-weather cities: We discussed the Super Bowl in the context of what we achieved, the successes

Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin

Roger Goodell: Should Help Or Punish Bullying

Tuck and O'Neill discuss the state of the NFL locker rooms