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Ranking The Top 10 Teams in Baseball

1. Kansas City Royals (17-9) The defending American League Champions are hitting .293 as a team, .16 points higher than any other major league squad. 2. St. Louis Cardinals (20-6) If the Cardinals miss ace Adam Wainwright, they haven’t


NFL Power Rankings Week 17

With one week left and a muddled playoff picture in both the AFC and NFC, where does everyone rank in Week 17?


NFL Power Rankings Week 16

Two weeks until the NFL playoffs. Where does your team rank in Week 16?


NFL Power Rankings Week 15

With the NFL Playoffs just three weeks away, where does everyone rank in Week 15?

russell wilson

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Where does your team rank in Week 14?


Week 13: NFL Power Rankings

The New England patriots jumped in to the top four as the Chicago Bears, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens dropped in the power rankings after tough loses.


Week 12: NFL Power Rankings

Where it gets interesting is the bubble teams. Who will make the playoffs (Bucs, Colts, Bengals or Seahawks)?

Green Bay Packers

Week 9: NFL Defensive Power Rankings

The Chicago Bears continue their mission when it comes to defense as they continue to lead the Sports Talk Florida defensive power rankings.


Week 9: NFL Power Rankings

The Chicago Bears top the Sports Talk Florida week 9 NFL power rankings after the beating they gave the Tennessee Titans.


Week 8: NFL Power Rankings

The Sports Talk Florida NFL Power Rankings are based on wins, total defense and total offense.