Tuck: Orlando Magic Should’ve Drafted Michael Carter-Williams

The Magic drafted a good player, but the Sixers got the better player a few picks later.

Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams Can’t Touch His Salary Deposited In Trust For Three Years

All of Michael Carter-Williams' money right now is going into a trust set up by his family.


Expect Evan Turner Trade Rumors All Season

With the Philadelphia 76ers in a rebuilding phase and the young Evan Turner off to a hot start and in the last year of his rookie contract


If Only Joey Crawford Could Eject A Mop Boy

NBA referee Joey Crawford is what some might call a taskmaster, and many around the league have felt his wrath over the years when they partake in foolishness on the court.


Thunder and Timberwolves Interested In 76ers Turner

Philadelphia 76ers wingman Evan Turner is off to a hot start, he's averaging 22.4 points and 6.7 rebounds per game this season.


Andrew Bynum Prepares Himself for the Boos

The Sixers traded away their best player in Andre Iguodala before last season in exchange for Andrew Bynum, who was coming off of an All-Star year in Los Angeles. A series of knee injuries and setbacks during the rehabilitation


Dr. J Appears on the Colbert Report

Julius Erving was a guest on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report last night to help promote his new book Dr. J, The Autobiography.


Andrew Bynum Will Play Friday Against The Sixers

Andrew Bynum will return to Philadelphia to play on Friday, the team that paid him to rehab in 2012.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter-Williams Has Fully Prepared Himself For The NBA

Michael Carter-Williams has become the guy that everybody likes to talk about.


Jrue Holiday Confused About What Team He Plays For

Somebody tell Jrue Holiday he doesn’t play for the Philadelphia 76ers anymore.