Peyton Manning

Manning Gets Paid To Speak At Oklahoma State

Peyton Manning received 105k to speak at Oklahoma State. It was a 30-minute speech and 30 minute question and answer session as well. For more on this story visit: ProFootball Talk, Mike Florio


Tuck: There Are Only Four Elite Quarterbacks In The NFL

Tony Gonzalez is right: Matt Ryan is not an elite quarterback. Why not? I explain what makes the difference.


Manning Down: Will Devastating Super Bowl Loss Effect Peyton Legacy?

Can Peyton Manning and The Broncos make it back to Super bowl?

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady the two best quarterbacks of their generation

ELOOnline : Best NFL QB of All-Time Ranking

While everyone decides today to judge Peyton Manning legacy on one game. Reminder That Tom Brady and Peyton Manning combine have lost their 4 Super Bowl starts while recently Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have won three for three


Manning Agrees with Sherman’s “Ducks” Comment

On if his upbringing helped him in managing demands as a pro quarterback and as a celebrity: “I wouldn’t use that word to describe us growing up in New Orleans. My dad was the quarterback of the Saints. I

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning Talks About SB Ups and Downs

On if there has ever been a defensive back he has stayed away from: “On the teams I played on, I’ve always had some real good receivers, and we felt like we had to try to get them the

Peyton Manning

Manning Not Interested In Discussing His Legacy To The Media

Peyton Manning was not interested in discussing his career during media day.

Jonathan Vilma

Jonathan Vilma Shares His Experience Of Defeating Manning In 2010

Jonathan Vilma shares his thoughts and strategy on beating Peyton Manning after his Saints defeated the Colts in 2010.


Manning Declines Talk About Personal Legacy

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Peyton Manning is not interested in talking about where his career stands in football history. Not right now, anyway. Not when he’s still playing. And certainly not less than a week from playing in the


Peyton Manning Says He Wants to Keep Playing

On how the Broncos coped with John Fox’s illness: “The team was very concerned, certainly. It was a bye week, and we were coming off a win. It’s always a good time to get away and kind of get