Could NFL Quarterbacks Get Endorsements Before Every Snap They Take?

Tuck and O’Neil discuss the business behind an NFL quarterback’s pre-snap routine. Why You Should Listen: Mike and Jerry debate whether NFL quarterbacks could potentially get endorsement deals for certain pre-snap phrases. The Tuck and O’Neill Show comes to


NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview

After a wild first round, who moves on to the conference championships?


Jay Mariotti With Woody Paige On Peyton Manning

Jay talks to his old “Around The Horn” banter partner, Woody Paige, about the Broncos, fear of losing in Denver, Peyton Manning’s postseason issues and Woody’s new book.


Tuck: Is Peyton Manning The Greatest Ever?

Dissecting that 9-11 playoff record and what it means to his legacy plus my picks for the NFL weekend.

Peyton Manning

Top QBs in NFL Playoffs

Tom Brady He may not have had his best season statistically but he’s done a great job leading the Patriots offense. As Brady gets older, he seems to have less protection and receiver options. He did lose a few


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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who is on his way to a record fifth NFL Most


Peyton Manning Close To A Fifth MVP Award

After another huge game on Sunday, Peyton Manning his closing in on the fifth Most Valuable Player


Peyton Manning Has A Few Words For Critics

"Whoever wrote that narrative can shove it where the sun don't shine," he told Denver radio station