Bucs FB Jorvorskie Lane reflects on his suspension for PEDs

Video: Bucs FB Jorvorskie Lane Reflects on His PEDs Suspension

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Jorvorskie Lane reflects on his suspension for PEDs and vows to continue his weight loss efforts, but doing so the right way

Bucs Jorvorskie Lane suspended

BREAKING: Bucs FB Jorvorskie Lane Suspended for PEDs, Says He Used Weight Loss Drug

The NFL has suspended Bucs' Jorvorskie Lane for violating the league's policies on performance enhancing substances.


Fans So Sick Of PEDs, They No Longer Care

The make-me-laugh moment came when a U.S. attorney, Wilfredo A. Ferrer, said this of Biogenesis scoundrel Anthony Bosch and his dirtbag associates after their arrests in south Florida: “These defendants were motivated by one thing: money. The reality was


MLB Podcast: Should PED Users Be Enshrined In Cooperstown?

Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Joe Torre were all recently inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Being that nobody from the 2014 Hall of Fame Class was ever linked


Why Alex Rodriguez Has To Go To Court

It many ways it is sort of fitting that the Bud Selig victory tour in Major League Baseball’s fight to permanently place a scarlet letter on Alex Rodriguez began on CBS’ TV’s news magazine show “60 Minutes”. Selig is

ARod 18-29-31

Tuck and O’Neill: A-Rod Sized Argument

Tony Bosch talks A-Rod and MLB


Good Riddance to A-Rod, Dirtiest Juicer of All

Somewhere in America, somewhere in a Latin American country, a major-league baseball player is fueling his body with performance-enhancing drugs. As … you … are … reading … this. So do not make the mistake, as Bud Selig will


Cooperstown Should Let In PED User

Should PED users be accepted into The Hall of Fame?

ARod 18-29-31

Team A-Rod Accuses Biogenesis Founder As Cocaine Addict

ARod and his crew have portrayed Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch as a cocaine user.

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun Has “Made Amends” With Sample-Collector Laurenzi

Ryan Braun had dinner with sample-collector Dino Laurenzi, they have “made amends”.