Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, and NFLPA boss DeMaurice Smith will be talking soon.

NFLPA Shot Down HGH Offer

The NFLPA has recently been pressured by certain players to agree to a new deal that will make penalties lesser for suspensions in terms of a retroactive effect. A league source said that NFL approached the NFLPA about lessening


NFLPA Won’t Comment On New Domestive Violence Policy

Thursday the NFL issued a new policy regarding domestic violence, and the NFLPA has refused to comment on these changes thus far.


Appeals Court Gives NFLPA Chance To Prove Collusion

NFL News The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit issued a surprising ruling that will allow the NFL Players Association the opportunity to prove the NFL colluded in the uncapped year of 2010. The written opinion,


NFLPA Collusion Case Reinstated in Appeals Court Over ‘Secret Salary Cap’

NFLPA proceeding with lawsuit against the league for ‘secret salary cap’ in 2010 Remember the collusion case against the NFL, when NFL players accused the league of imposing a secret salary cap during what was supposed to be an

demaurice smith

NFLPA’s Executive Director Claims Redskins Name “Racially Insensitive”

When one hears the term ‘Redskins’ in the NFL, it’s obvious for one to think of Dan Synder’s Washington Redskins franchise. In recent news, however, the team name has been regarded as inappropriate and downright racially insensitive to most,

DeMaurice Smith

NFLPA Exec Says Conversations Are To Remain Private

The executive director of the NFL Players Association said Thursday that the Washington Redskins name conveys

Roger Goodell

HGH Making Rounds in NFL

Drugs won’t ever really go away in professional sports. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The NFL and the NFLPA have recently tried coming to an agreement on how to enforce rules when it comes to HGH testing.

Eric Winston

NFLPA President: Owners Live Up to Higher Standard

The president of the NFLPA, Eric Winston, says that team owners have to live up to a higher standard then players. He says that players and owners should be treated differently when it comes to being disciplined. According to


NFL,NFLPA Working On Drug Testing Policies

The NFL and NFLPA have not agreed to drastic changes to the testing rules regarding marijuana. However they have made some head way on some other policies that would be implemented when the two sides resolve their differences. The


NFLPA To Talk Conduct With Committee

The NFL Players Association and its new executive committee are scheduled to spend the next two days