Donald Penn Dunk

NFL: No More Dunking on Goalposts

That infamous ‘big man’ dunk from last season, where former Buccaneers left tackle Donald Penn threw his 330-pound body into the air, tossing the football over the goalpost to celebrate a touchdown catch — it is no more. On Tuesday, NFL


Eliminating The Extra Point Will Be Good for NFL

Will eliminating the one point conversion play help or hurt the NFL?


Tuck: Making The Extra Point More Difficult In The NFL

Too easy. Boring. I have 3 great ideas for the NFL and the stats to back me up.


Tuck: Defenseless Is The New Insanity Plea

Yes, hard hits like this are now being debated in football.


Tuck: The Less Pass Interference The Better

What's missing from this picture? Oh, I know. The ball. Pick up the flag and go home.


Tuck: The NFL Rule That Needs To Be Fixed

Just in case you didn't catch it, Calvin Johnson apparently didn't catch it either.