2014 NFL Playoffs: Who’s The Best Young Quarterback

Which of the 4 young NFL quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs will have the best career? Tuck & O’Neill debate Luck, Kaepernick, Wilson, and Newton.


Tuck: Andy Dalton In Good Company

Playoff struggles. Don't give up on him yet Cincinnati because plenty of other good NFL quarterbacks can relate.


Frozen Tattoos Don’t Bother Hot Kaepernick

We are used to seeing Colin Kaepernick’s collage of tattoos. We did not expect to see them on a day when the temperature dropped below zero in Green Bay, with a wind chill that made conditions feel 20-below. It


Surest Playoff Wager: Chiefs, Bengals Lose

You don’t hedge a bet when placing playoff money on the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals. If you have a brain in your head, you don’t make the wager at all. May as well give your money to


NFL Wildcard Weekend: Colin Kaepernick Beats The Packers Again

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Phil Dawson kicked a 33-yard field goal as time expired, and Colin Kaepernick threw for 227 yards and ran for another 98 to lead the San Francisco 49ers past the Green Bay Packers 23-20

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Bengals Fall Apart

CINCINNATI (AP) — San Diego took advantage of Andy Dalton’s three turnovers in the second half on Sunday, pulling away to a 27-10 victory that extended the Cincinnati Bengals’ streak of playoff misery to 23 years and counting. Philip


Everybody Raving About Luck … Except Luck

You do realize that he’s revved up for his architecture trip to India. Andrew Luck has a full life, far beyond the lucrative yet intellectually limited boundaries of pro football, which makes me shrug and giggle when he leads


Saints, Payton Proving Us Wrong — For Now

Because I love New Orleans, because I spent three days in the hospital there and grew fond of doctors who threaded a stent from my leg to my heart, I will let the good folks celebrate a little bit.

Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles

Will Nick Foles “Fold” Under Pressure Aginst The Saints

Bleacher Report.com's Michael Shotty talks Wildcard weekend with Tuck and O'Neill


Tuck: Bengals Super Bowl Sleeper

Cincinnati has plenty of offense and an elite defense. They have the best shot of any team playing Wild Card weekend to advance to Super Sunday.