Phil Jackson’s Introduction Video

A link to Phil Jackson's press conference after being named president of the Knicks.

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson: ‘No Better Place To Win Than NYC’

Phil Jackson acknowledges the New York fan base and knows that changes must be made to satisfy those fans.


Jackson Won’t Win, But Legacy Won’t Suffer

It may flummox those who view him as a smug, indomitable basketball Maharishi, his 11 championship rings cast in the sky and forming a silhouette around the island of Manhattan. But Phil Jackson likely will fail in New York,

Phil Jackson tells the Knicks that he is coming home.

Phil Jackson to the Knicks

According to the CBS TV in New York Phil Jackson is the Knicks’ new president of basketball operations. As CBS 2’s Otis Livingston reported, there was no word Wednesday on when Jackson will be officially introduced. But his hiring was confirmed by


Andrea Bargnani Remains Uncertain If He Will Return This Season

Andrea Bargnani continues to have soreness in his elbow with no guarantees that he will be back this season.

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson Expected To Go To Knicks By End Of Week

Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks are finalizing a deal by the end of this week.


A Wobbling NBA Needs Jackson to Fix Knicks

Last time the New York Knicks won an NBA title, Phil Jackson was a funky member of the team, holding a joint in one hand and an opposing player’s jersey in the other. He lived in the Village, as


IS Phill Jackson Heading To The “Big Apple”?

NBC Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin discuss the top NBA stories with Tuck and O'Neill

Carmelo Anthony

Latest Melo, Mike Woodson Rumors

Carmelo Anthony is looking for reasons to stay in New York, according to Marc Stein of, who hears


Is Carmelo Anthony Heading To The Bulls?

Tuck and O'Neill discuss the top NBA stories with NBA Insider Steve Kyler