Michael Bennett as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

The Ones That Got Away Part 2: Should These Ex-Bucs Now in the Super Bowl Have Been Let Go?

We take a look at ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers players now in the Super Bowl and examine if the Bucs made the right call in parting ways with them

Junior Seau

The Impact of Junior Seau’s NFL Hall of Fame Induction

NFL NEWS: Junior Seau Junior Seau was the only 2015 NFL Hall of Fame inductee to be enshrined during his first year of eligibility. But Seau’s induction could prove to be a polarizing subject as far as the NFL

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Is Fifth QB Ever To Start Multiple Super Bowls At Same Stadium

When Tom Brady takes the field this evening, he will be the fifth quarterback in NFL history to start multiple Super Bowls in the same stadium.


Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole With His Super Bowl Pick

Jason Cole On Super Bowl X-Factors Jason Cole of Bleacher Report is with Tom Veit to go over the keys to the game for Seattle and New England and give Tom his Super Bowl pick. How do these 2


Deflate-gate Has Indeed Stained The Patriots Legacy

Super Bowl 49 And Deflate-gate Will Be Synonomous For Years To Come Sports Exchange’s Matt Shalin is with Tuck and O’Neill to talk about the negative impact of Deflate-gate on the Patriots legacy. How frustrating this whole story line


Super Bowl Champ Tom Nutten On The Game’s Magnitude

Tom Nutten Speaking On Winning And Losing A Super Bowl Tom Nutten is a former St. Louis Rams Super Bowl winning guard. He’s with Mike and Jerry to talk about Super Bowl preparation and the range of emotion that


Three Major Points on Super Bowl XLIX

NFL NEWS: Super Bowl XLIX Here are three things to consider about Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots in Phoenix, Sunday. Just 2 days until these two face off in Super Bowl XLIX!


LeGarrette Blount Pot Charge Dropped

Prosecutors have dropped a marijuana charge against New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount that stemmed from an August arrest with former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Le'Veon Bell.

BJ Daniels

Will Seahawks Get The Edge Because of The Refs?

The Patriots have used secretive schemes to their advantage all season long. Does that stop at the Super Bowl? According to a report by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, both coaches addressed the situation Friday. Throughout the


The Story Of Super Bowl 49

Tom Brady will celebrate his 4th Super Bowl title on Sunday, but you gotta read how it went down. The story of the NFL in 2014 told in a single game.