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March Madness: John Oliver Goes Off on NCAA For Not Paying Athletes

March Madness is here and college basketball fanatics are so excited it might as well be Christmas. This “holiday” produces more than $1 billion, but the players actually playing in the tournament don’t see any of this money. Cue


NCAA Tournament TV Times And Broadcasters Week One

Okay this is the most fun five day weekend in sports as the  the 2014-2015 Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball Championship Tournament, a.ka. “March Madness,” begins in a little over 24 hours. It is important to know where to

March Madness

March Madness: The Holiday and The Illness

The unofficial sports holiday and illness known as March Madness starts on Sunday with the television production called, Selection Sunday. For the next three weeks, hard core basketball fans and casual sports fans will look at game, after game,

Ezekiel Elliott

The Crop Top Debate: Should They Be Banned?

As a college football fan, I’ve watched as 19-year-old athletes run across the field with their jersey rolled up to reveal their ripped stomachs. While I appreciate the human body and I know they work hard for those abs

John Calipari

Plan Proposed To Halt Early NBA Draft Enteries

The NBA, NCAA and National Association of Basketball Coaches are collaborating to offer a proposed solution to prevent underclassmen

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse’s Punishment: Glamorous Team No More

The Syracuse Orangemen probably won’t be one of college basketball’s glamour teams for the next four years. The NCAA has uncovered a series of, “you can’t do that” infractions against the school, in the men’s college basketball team and


Should Jim Boheim’s Wins Be Vacated?

Jim Boheim’s Vacated Wins Won’t Affect Fanbase   We have seen it all happen before in NCAA scandals. It doesn’t matter if its basketball or football, along the way some wrong doing has occurred that has resulted in penalties

Vin Parise

Vin Parise: Bubble Teams Desperate for a Win

College basketball analyst Vin Parise joined Mike Tuck and Jerry O’Neill on the show Friday to talk the battle for top seeds, and who needs wins on the bubble. Click to here the full interview, below. The Tuck


18-Year-Old Basketball Players Have Bleak NBA Futures

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are three players who made a sizable impact on the National Basketball Association without attending college. But sometime in 2004, NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to become the “education” commissioner because an

Next year the Women's Final Four and title game will be in Tampa.

NCAA Basketball Tourney A Celebration Of Student Athletes

VP Of Women’s NCAA Basketball Championships Anucha Browne On The Final Four VP Of Women’s NCAA Basketball Championships Anucha Browne joined Tom Veit today to talk about Tampa’s hosting of the Women’s Basketball Final Four. A lot of the