NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert talks about the future of college sports.

NCAA Boss Mark Emmert on the future of college sports

Washington, D.C. – This morning NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert talked about the future of college sports.  He appeared on ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Hosted today by Martha Raddatz. The following is a transcript provided to Sport


NCAA Loses Lawsuit, Could Demise Be Coming?

The NCAA has made it very clear that players cannot make money for themselves. Now after a lawsuit where former UCLA Ed O’Bannion challenged the NCAA refusal to pay players for their image being used in video games, it


Orlando Plans to Bid on More NCAA Events

The city of Orlando wants in on more NCAA action, so they plan to do something about it. According to Brighthouse Sports Network, the Central Florida Sports Commission, along with UCF, Stetson, and the City of Orlando, all have


NCAA Approves Autonomy for “Power 5″

The NCAA Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved a package of historic reforms Thursday that will give the nation’s five biggest conferences the ability to unilaterally change some of the basic rules governing college sports. If the 16-2 decision stands,


NCAA Agrees To Settlement in Concussion Lawsuit

The NCAA has agreed to settle a class-action head injury lawsuit.

AAC Boss Mike Aresco looks to UCF and USF to be leaders in the future of the conference.

Mike Aresco Talks NCAA Issues with Tuck and O’Neill

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco talks to Tuck and O'Neill about some of the main issues in the NCAA.


Tuck: Power 5 Autonomy Won’t Change College Football

A break-up of the FBS will not dramatically shift college football for the fans that watch it.


SEC and the Power Conferences tell NCAA “Change or else.”

Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive is ready to take his league and go elsewhere if the NCAA Division I board does not adopt sweeping changes that would lend autonomy to the five major conferences. In his 13th year as


NCAA: No More Than Two Contact Practices Per Week

The newest “suggestion” made by the NCAA involves college football programs and how many contact practices they can hold per week. According to Fox College Football, schools cannot hold more than two. The NCAA is suggesting that football teams


Do College Athletes Have a Legal Case To Get Paid?

Tuck and O’Neill talked about  if College Athletes Have a legal case  to get paid? Why you should listen:  Tuck and O’Neill talk to Sports Legal Attorney Gary Chester about if the college athletes have a legal case in