The Insider Show 3-31-13: The Elite Eight Recap

Eric, Wes and Chris recapped Saturday’s Elite Eight games and previewed today’s upcoming slate. Are the potential match-ups for the Final Four as “exciting” as the earlier rounds? Someone on this panel thinks the tournament has flat-lined while the


Tuck: These Rules Are Madness

Hey zebras, please step away from the monitor, I have some helpful advice for you and for college basketball.


Tuck: NCAA Tournament Fun Facts

Just some things you might want to know before you submit your brackets.


Tuck: March Madness Bracket Advice

Looking for a little help finding a champion and filling out your brackets? Here are some tips that could benefit you!


Tuck: Conference Tournaments Should Be Smaller

Sure, it was fun for 15-20 Liberty, but it doesn't mean every team should have a chance to dance.


Tuck: Bracketbusters A Success

Gordon Hayward and Butler played in this growing event which has been very successful. Check out how successful and a preview of this year's games.


Tuck: College Basketball Lacking Star Power

All the household names have disappeared in college hoops in the most starless season ever.


Tuck: Coaches Too Conservative With Foul Trouble

Ohio State forward Deshaun Thomas sat out 17 minutes because Thad Matta didn't want him to foul out. Matta keeping him out that long may have cost his Buckeyes.

John Calipari

Tuck: John Calipari’s Redemption And Recognition

The Kentucky coach may not shake perceptions, but becoming a champion certainly would recreate our image of him.