NBA Power Rankings – Clippers 14 Straight Wins

The Los Angeles Clippers have dethroned the Oklahoma City Thunder of the number one spot with the best record in the NBA after their 14th victory in a row.


NBA Power Rankings – The Thunder Rolls Again

The Oklahoma City Thunder have held the top spot for three weeks, they have the best record in the NBA and they top that off with the best offense in the league. BOOM!


NBA Power Rankings: Feel The Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs battle it out for the best record in the NBA. They also trade punches in the power rankings.


NBA Power Rankings – Oklahoma City #1

The Oklahoma City Thunder lead the league in wins and points scored but the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs want the number one spot too.


NBA Power Rankings – San Antonio Spurs #1

The San Antonio Spurs take the number one spot away from the New York Knicks who drop to fourth.


NBA Power Rankings – Knicks Still On Top

The New York Knicks again top the Sports Talk Florida power rankings but it's getting crowded at the top.


NBA Power Rankings – Knicks Still Undefeated

As we enter the third week of the NBA season the New York Knicks are still undefeated and continue to score and play defense.


NBA Power Rankings – Knicks Are On Top

After the first week of play in the NBA the New York Knicks have moved up 16 spots to first place in the league.


NBA Preseason Power Rankings: Miami #1

The NBA season kicks-off tonight and Sports Talk Florida has the preseason power rankings ready to go. Until the Miami Heat starts to lose they are the champs and ranked number one.