2014 NBA Draft

What Will the Magic Do at the NBA Draft?

 Who Should the Orlando Magic target with the number four pick at the NBA Draft ?  Why You Should Listen :  Jerry and Mike talk to BasketballInsiders.com’s NBA  writer Steve Kyler about the NBA Lottery and an early look

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NBA Playoffs and Draft Talk

Eric Lopez appeared on Arkansas Radio Station's 92.1FM to talk about NBA.


Sean Devaney talks NBA Conference Finals with Tuck and O’Neill

 Tuck and O’Neill talks about NBA Conference Finals  and NBA Lottery with Sporting News Sean Devaney. Why You Should Listen :  Jerry and Mike talk to Sporting News’s NBA Beat writer Sean Devaney about the NBA Lottery and an

NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery Crucial For Rebuilding Teams

The NBA Draft Lottery, which determines the order of the first 14 picks of the 2014 NBA Draft will take place tonight in New York City at 8 p.m. ET. Getting a good draft pick for the 2014 NBA Draft


Time For NBA To Drop Bomb (Out), Sink Tankers

We interrupt the incredibly lame attempts of the Philadelphia 76ers and other alleged NBA teams to embarrass the game of basketball and rip off its fans with a horrid, pathetic, dog-breath, F-League product  designed to improve their draft lottery


Pat Williams Talks NBA Lottery on David Baumann Show

Magic Sr. VP Pat Williams talked to David Baumann about  NBA Draft Lottery and shared some of his memories from previous Lottery nights including winning the Lottery on back to back years  and the effects it has had on