Carter Williams 76ers 2014

Memo To All NBA Tankers: Admit Fans For Free

All that’s left is the class-action lawsuit. What’s happening in the NBA is nothing short of consumer fraud, the sports equivalent of a steakhouse eliminating all Wagyu beef, replacing it with ground chuck contaminated by E. coli and still


NBA Legend Jerry West Rips Upcoming NBA Draft Class

NBA Logo/Legend Jerry West explains why the 2014 NBA Draft lacks band names

Adam Silver

Tuck: Would Expanding Or Shrinking NBA Playoffs Eliminate Tanking?

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver needs to find a way to restore competitive balance to the league.

Jabari Parker

Let’s Hope One-And-Done Is Plain Done Soon

The best thing to come out of NBA All-Star weekend wasn’t Nelly’s startling comeback or Gary Clark Jr.’s electric version of the national anthem with his hat on or even Blake Griffin’s 32 dunks in the slam-dunk contest. Oh,


Milwaukee Bucks Looking To Get Joel Embiid If They Get No. 1 Pick

The Milwaukee Bucks intend to pick up Joel Embiid of the Kansas Jayhawks if they get the first pick.


Tanks for Nothin': NBA Draft Is Fool’s Gold

Tanking is nothing new in professional sports. In the NBA, it’s older than Juwan Howard if that’s possible. I was a Chicago Bulls beat writer when they intentionally blew games to get Hakeem Olajuwon and wound up with Michael

Dante Exum

Australian Basketball Star Declares for NBA Draft

Australian basketball star Dante Exum has decided to declare for the 2014 NBA draft. According to ESPN, Exum has agreed to hire agents Rob Pelinka and Brandon Rosenthal of Landmark Sports Agency. Pelinka’s clients include Kobe Bryant, James Harden,


Tuck: Magic Should Keep Draft Options Open

The Magic and it's fans don't need to decide who they like best just yet for the NBA Draft.

Jameer Nelson

Magic Allegedly Willing To Trade Jameer Nelson For First Round Pick

The Orlando Magic is considering trading one of their players for a first rounder.

NBA extensions

Assessing The Risk On Extension Decisions

The process of extension has proven to be a risky business in the NBA.