Lamarcus Aldridge

Twitter Review: NBA Free Agency Roundup

July 1st marks the start of NBA free agency and when 12AM hit, madness ensued. Contracts can’t officially be signed until July 9th but the verbal commitments began and they haven’t stopped. The only thing moving faster than these


The Top 5 Players Who Should be Playing at the All-Star Game

5 Players Who Got Snubbed from the All-Star Game 1. Nikola Vucevic It should come as no surprise that Nikola Vucevic was left off of this year’s All-Star team. The Orlando Magic center not only plays for a small


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Monta Ellis, Dorell Wright

Insider: Magic/Warriors/Hornets Deal?

The hottest rumor involves the Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Hornets

Michael Beasley, Bobby Simmons

Insider: Michael Beasley & The Magic?

The Magic may be interested in Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley

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