Nico Rosberg won the F1 Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday finishing ahead of Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton on the street of Monte Carlo

Monaco Grand Prix 2014: Nico Rosberg wins, Mercedes 1-2

The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix was another strong showing for Mercedes as Nico Rosberg and his teammate Lewis Hamilton finished 1-2.  It was a comfortable win for Rosberg, who retakes the championship lead. Daniel Ricciardo impressed once more than

Nico Rosberg was able to work his way the streets on Monte Carlo to win on Sunday. (Photo: Monte Carlo Tours)

Nico Rosberg leads Mercedes to a big F1 win at the Monaco GP

On a hot Sunday afternoon on the banks of the French Rivera, Nico Rosberg kept his cool amid the chaos to win the crash-marred Monaco Grand Prix. The win was a big for Mercedes its first victory of the