The Washington Nationals and their fans are ready for the NLDS starting Friday

MLB Playoffs: TBS and Fox Sports 1 are ready for action

Baseball fans around Florida and nationally will do a great deal of channel surfing over the next month as the first year of the new Major League Baseball contract is now in place. That means all of the American

The 2014 MLB Draft will take place tonight in studio 42 at the MLB Studios.

MLB Draft Coverage Thursday Night

It might not be as sexy as the NFL or NBA Draft but tonight is the 2014 MLB Draft and it will take place in a TV studio. Yes, the MLB Network will have all the action tonight from


Ryan Dempster Hired As Studio Analyst For MLB Network

Ryan Dempster will begin his work on MLB Network.

WS Trophy

Mission October

Fox Sports Originals and MLB Productions will feature the Rays in Mission October on Monday at 7:30 (ET)

Braves act like punks in their treatment of the Marlins rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez.

Braves Disrespect the Marlins Fernandez

Wednesday night the Miami Marlins  hosted the Atlanta Braves in what was the final game of the season for the amazing rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez. The Marlins will give the  Rookie of the Year candidate the rest of the season off now that he has