Jim Johnson

Dodgers Interested In Jim Johnson

The Dodgers are looking at Jim Johnson as their potential closer while Baltimore is trying to trade him.

JP Arencibia

Blue Jays To Trade Catcher J.P. Arencibia

The Blue Jays have allegedly decided to either trade or non-tender their catcher, Arencibia.

Hiroki Kuroda

Yankees Offer Hiroki Kuroda A One-Year Deal

The Yankees are making an offer to right-hander Kuroda for one year.

Manny Parra

Reds Re-sign Left-hander Manny Parra For Two Years

Cincinnati has re-signed Manny Para to a two-year $5.5 million deal.

Rafael Furcal

Pirates Looking To Sign Rafael Furcal

The Pirates, among other teams, have expressed interest in shortstop, Rafael Furcal.

Dan Haren

Dodgers Signing Danny Haren Seems Appreciable

Signing Danny Haren appears to be a sensible move where neither him nor the Dodgers can be deeply affected.

John Mozeliak

Cardinals GM Mozeliak Is Happy To Sign Peralta, Despite 50-Game Suspension

Jhonny Peralta admitted to using PED's, and that's good enough character for John Mozeliak.

Fernando Abad

A’s Pick Up Fernando Abad From The Nats

Oakland has acquired Fernando Abad from Washington for deeper bullpen depth.


Yanks Signing McCann Benefits Saltalamacchia

Jarrod Saltalamacchia's career with Boston may persist after the Yankees signed Brian McCann.

Robinson Cano

Report: Yanks Try To Put A Time Limit On Cano

The Yankees do not want to give Robinson Cano all winter to make up his mind.