Rays Begin 2nd Half of Season

Earlier today on The David Baumann Show,  Mike Tuck  from Tuck & O’Neill  filled in for David Baumann talked SportstalkFlorida.com’s Rays Insider Steve Kinsella about the Rays starting the second half of the season. Why you should listen :

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Tuck & O’Neill Online : Baseball Right Now

Now that we have reached the MLB All Star Game this year, it is time to reflect on where we are in the season. Jerry O’Neill has his opinion on the midwest this season and Mike Tuck looks at

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Tuck & O’Neill Online : Black Eye For Baseball?

Considering the current happenings of this MLB season, Jerry O’Neill thinks Baseball has a back eye. Mike Tuck agrees to some extent but believes the sport can move on for this year. Watch and see the details in this

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Mike Tuck On Orlando Summer League

Mike Tuck has been a constant follower at summer league the past couple of days. Looking for new talent, Mike discuses some of his likes and dislikes of players and overall how they are doing. Watch and see what

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Tuck and O’Neill Online : More Dwight Howard

Many people have different opinions on Dwight Howard moving to The Houston Rockets. None more so then Tuck and O’Neill, who have been looking forward to this free agency move. Watch this edition of Tuck and O’Neill Online to

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Tuck and O’Neill Online : Orlando Magic 2013 Draft Picks

Following the conclusion of the 2013 NBA Draft, Tuck and O’Neill have their own opinions about the new Magic team members. On one hand, Jerry is overjoyed that the Magic selected Indiana guard Victor Oladipo, a Hoosier, while Mike